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The 4 Learning Phases

This is what you can expect from your training journey from beginning to end


The learner is exposed to the mechanics, pace, curriculum, and teaching method for the first time.

At the beginning the mind is focused on the technical aspects.  "Is the palm up or down? Is it the left hand or the right hand?  Which way do I look?". The learner is preoccupied with

understanding the positioning, placement, and appearance of the movement.  


The learner feels confident enough to participate independently and has grasped the overall rhythm of routine. "This is really fun!" He/she is able to effectively demonstrate the core principles of movement and

how they link together

to create one flow. 

Muscle memory

has been achieved,

and the body begins to operate on autopilot with less stress


The learner reaches an exhilarating jump in the learning curve where they are digging deeper to find deeper knowledge. They expand their breadth and depth of knowledge by becoming one with the movement in mind, body, and spirit.  They can perform impressively on demand. "Ahhh I get it!". Epiphanies occur one after another and they began to see hidden signatures in the overarching style. 


The learner is confident in their understanding, and is now finding areas to accentuate their favorite moves.  They have a more sophisticated pallet and appreciation for the deeper artistic expression in the performance of themselves and others.  "It's personal now." They begin to own their Tai Chi and aren't shy about having their own impromptu training sessions.

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