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Train at home using our online video library with mirror demonstration and easy to read instruction

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Learn 8 Brocades Qigong

#2 Drawing The Bow

#2 Drawing The Bow

Reproducir video

This is an online follow-along qigong video set of 8, that will take you through the ancient Chinese "8 Brocades" exercise.  This is a great place to start learning about the benefits of qigong and experience the effects for yourself.  Make this a part of your daily routine, and join the hundreds of thousands of others who credit this set with great health, mobility, and overall vitality.

~25 Minutes



  What to expect

  • standing for long period

  • slight bend of knees

  • bending at the waist

  • extending arms

  • wide leg stance (wider than shoulder width)

  • rotating wrists

  • rotating shoulders

  • lifting at the ankles

Low Difficulty

Own this set 

one time payment

one time payment

Own this set 

HIGH Difficulty

  • Balancing on one leg

  • Extended Dynamic squatting

  • Abrupt speed changes (strikes & Hits)

  • Dynamic coordination

  • Full body Exertion


  What to expect

  • Dynamic spiral movements

~25 Minutes

This is an online follow-along qigong video set of 13+, that will take you through the Shaolin Qigong set dedicated to Luohan.  This is a dynamic set of movements that cultivate strength, precision, and balance, all the while providing a beautiful and aesthetic  expression of Chinese Kung Fu.  Want a qigong set that will burn some calories and take your balance to the next level?  Here's your chance!

Learn Shaolin Luohan 13 Qigong