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Certification Requirements

1.  Online Exam - An exam ensures that the knowledge transfer has occurred and that the student meets the minimum education requirements.  Because it does not have a time limit, and it open book,  this exam can only be taken ONCE per ($50)fee!

2.  Pay $50 Fee - This is the administrative fee to review all student documentation, provide feedback (from the uploaded video), and validate the student's certification in the public registry.

Application for Certification
What is the first movement in Tai Chi Form 8?
What style of Tai Chi is Form 8?
Which movement is not recognized as part of Tai Chi Form 8
In Form 8, alternating movements always start on the
For Golden Rooster, if the right hand is in the air, which foot is on the floor
In Grasp the Sparrow's Tail, the Wu stance is
In cloud hands, which palm is facing the body?
Tai Chi Form 8 begins with the feet placed
How old is Tai Chi?
What does Tai Chi Chuan translate into?
Tai Chi when practiced slowly is
Tai Chi is best suited for
In grasp the sparrow's tail, the grasp is
All gong bu steps land with the
A formal Tai Chi uniform has

Your test results have been submitted!

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